World Packaging Organization (WPO) announces two new members during Board Meeting in Brazil

Packaging associations from Austria and Saudi Arabia are the new members

During the 2nd Board Meeting of 2017, in November, in Brazil, WPO (World Packaging Organization – accepted two packaging associations as its new members. From Austria, the new member is Pack-Force - The Austrian Packaging Forum and from Saudi Arabia, RPI - Riyadh Polytechnic Institute. According to Pack-Force Director, Johannes Bergmair, “Pack-Force is not new in Austria. It is a long-time – since 2005 - established discussion group of Austria's packaging industry, formed by 20 companies and related entities, like Pack Experts and WPO.” As an Association, Pack-Force was established in June 2017.

Pack-Force´s main objective is to help the Austrian packaging industry in two big challenges: Employer Branding – education in the area of packaging and Communication - Image of packaging in society. “Pack-Force is definitely a material-neutral and non-profitable association that aims to protect and promote the interests of all companies involved in the life cycle of a packaging: from the production of precursors and materials to the manufacture of packaging, distribution and filling processes to reuse and recycling. The association supports further development of the entire packaging system in a functional, creative, economic and ecological perspective, promotes communication and cooperation and demonstrates the innovative strength of the industry”, states Johannes.

From Saudi Arabia, besides the fact that Riyadh Polytechnic Institute is not totally dedicated to packaging, they promote a lot of activities in the packaging field. “We keep two technical courses in the area - Printing & Packaging Technology and Plastic Technology”, explains Ahmad Albakri, RPI Executive Director. Their goal is serious Training and Employment, being a leading technical institute that provides a high quality of vocational training in the Arab world.

“We understand that to help local industry become more competitive, it is necessary to provide the labor market with highly qualified employees by delivering competitive, high caliber training through internationally recognized programs within a stimulating environment”, explains the Director. RPI is the result of an agreement between Technical and Vocational Training Corporation (TVTC), Obeikan Investment Group (OIG) and Funding by Human Resource Development Fund, HRDF.

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