• WPO Board Meeting

    The next WPO Board Meeting will be held in Australia.

    30th April – WPO Working Groups

    1st May – 100th WPO Board Meeting

    2nd May – AIP National Conference, WorldStar Awards Ceremony and Gala Dinner

    3rd May – AIP National Conference


  • WorldStar Packaging Awards

    On 5 May 2017 winners of the WorldStar 2017 awards gathered during Interpack week in Dusseldorf, Germany to receive their WorldStar Awards.  Over 400 people attended and 160 presentations were made. 

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  • Lifetime Achievement Award in Packaging

    Dharma Ratnayake (Sri Lanka)  and Soren Ostergaard (Denmark) receive their  Liftetime Achievement Medals from the President, Mr Thomas Schneider.

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  • World Packaging Organisation

    Founded September 6, 1968 in Tokyo by visionary leaders from the global packaging community, the purposes of the organisation include to:

    • Encourage the development of packaging technology, science, access and engineering;
    • Contribute to the development of international trade; and
    • Stimulate education and training in packaging.


Serving the Global Packaging Community through Packaging Associations

The World Packaging Organisation is a non-profit, non-governmental, international federation of national packaging institutes and associations, regional packaging federations and other interested parties including corporations and trade associations.

World Packaging Organisation News
From April 29 to May 4, 33 WPO members, representing 20 countries, will join on the Gold Coast, Australia, to participate in the 100th WPO Board Meeting, scheduled to May 1st. On April 30, WPO Working Groups – Education, Marketing and Sustainability – will join to discuss the ongoing projects and propose new actions in the subsequent Board Meeting.
Between February and April 2018, some WPO members are participating in exhibitions and seminars, representing the Organization and promoting the importance of packaging. At PlastIndia 2018 (February 7-12 - Gujarat state, Western region of India), the Director of the Indian Institute of Packaging, Dr. N. C. Saha, a very active Board Member of WPO, organized the WPO Save Food area. Prolonging the model from Interpack 2017, the area presented solutions on packaging to prevent food waste. 18 WPO members - Argentina, Australia, Austria, Brazil, China, Croatia, Czech Republic, Finland, Germany, India, South Africa, Spain, The Netherlands, UK, USA, APO (African Packaging Organization) and APF (Asian Packaging Federation) were represented in the Innovation area at PlastIndia.
The four winners of the 2nd WorldStar Awards´ category, the Lifetime Achievement in Packaging, organized by WPO (World Packaging Organization – www.worldpackaging.org), were just announced.
A record number of 200 winners were awarded a WorldStar during the judging session held in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil last month. Well done to Japan for taking 26 awards, followed by India taking 24 and China 14.
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WPO Members include: