Education is critical to achieving the WPO’s mission of “Better quality of life through better packaging for more people” and with leadership from the Education Committee this strand of our work is promoted and organised.

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Education Committee

Through the Committee, packaging courses are organised and financially supported in those parts of the world where there is a lack of provision and a desperate need for greater expertise to help address problems of economic and social development. The Committee is also compiling a register of WPO-recognised courses so that those who are looking for “fit-for-purpose” education and training provision in different countries have a source to which they can turn. Packaging education has never been more critical to help ensure that the world’s resources are used as effectively and economically as possible and through its work the area, the WPO will make a significant contribution to improving knowledge and expertise.

Education Committee Members:

Pierre Pienaar, AIP, Australia, Chairman Education Committee, VP Education WPO
Thomas Schneider – President WPO
Keith Pearson – General Secretary WPO
Luciana Pellegrino, ABRE, Brazil, VP Marketing WPO
Kishan Singh, IPSA, South Africa, VP Awards WPO
Ian Bowbrick, IOM3, United Kingdom
Oscar Faber, NVC, The Netherlands
Adolfo Cazeneuve, stituto Argentino del Envase, Argentina 

Education Chair Pierre Pienaar giving a course in Vietnam; one of a number of countries where he delivered training in 2014.

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