President’s Word

A big THANK YOU to all of you!

Pierre Pienaar*

It has been a rewarding, pleasurable and an incredible honour for me to serve as President of this wonderful global organisation. This will be my final message in the WPO News as President. I thank each one of you in the special way that you have made my tenure so satisfying. Only a few get this exceptional privilege. I have enjoyed representing the WPO across the globe, visiting the numerous countries these past 6 years, meeting so many lovely people, guiding us all through Covid19 to ensure that we remain a cohesive necessary association representing packaging worldwide.

Administrations come and go, leadership roles change, but the loyalty of each of you remains of utmost importance and that is an incredible reassuring constant for the WPO. I thank you for always putting WPO and packaging first in your country and spreading the good word.

Increasing our membership base is most important for the growth of the WPO. I am, therefore, really pleased to share with you that we are currently speaking with 2 additional countries about becoming members of the WPO, Tanzania and Uganda. Hopefully they will come on board in Cape Town along with one third possible member. In addition, the WPO Executive team have been crossing the globe presenting at conferences, both physically and virtually, as well as attending numerous packaging exhibitions.

I was interested but not surprised to read in the global packaging news that sustainability, smart packaging, e-commerce, and personalisation will be key trends driving innovation in the industry in the second half of 2023. By embracing these trends and exploring new technologies and materials, packaging companies can stay ahead of the curve and meet the evolving needs of consumers in the years to come. I have noticed that each global packaging conference that I have attended recently continues to include sustainability but now more so smart packaging at each conference gathering.

If I reflect on these past six years then I am most pleased with the support that I have had from all member counties. Together with you we have achieved the goals that I set back in November 2017 in Brazil. I reiterated them in November 2020 in a virtual meeting of the WPO Board.

Those goals were:

  • reduce packaging waste along with global education;
  • reduce food waste along with global education;
  • increase global awareness of the WPO along with an increase in global education.

We have achieved beyond my original expectations in all three goals, a big thank you!

We continue to have a responsibility and a challenge to ensure packaging gets better and better in all respects. The WPO continues to form relationships with other related industries in the pursuance of better packaging outcomes, holding webinars congresses and conferences, some physical and some virtual and some in a hybrid format. The WPO when presenting in these numerous global conferences continues to spread the word on sustainable packaging, which includes a positive approach on plastics in packaging.

We in the WPO will continue the drive of encouraging and ensuring that all are informed about packaging design for recycling. I encourage all to review our website to learn more on the resources that are available to ensure this sustainable outcome, see:

Finally, I express my sincere thanks and appreciation to the Executive Committee that I worked alongside. I am extremely grateful to each one of them. I could not have achieved what we set out to achieve without their dedication, commitment, and generosity.

In my first term as President they were:

  • Vice President – Luciana Pellegrino (Marketing)
  • Vice President – Antro Saila (Sustainability/Save food)
  • Vice President – Aslihan Arikan (Education)
  • Vice President – Soha Atallah (Exhibitions/Conferences)
  • General Secretary – Dr Johannes Bergmair
  • Press and Communications Liaison Officer – Liliam Benzi

Global Ambassadors:

  • Kishan Singh
  • Chakravarthi AVPS
  • Carl Olsmats

In my second term as President they were:

  • Senior Vice President – Luciana Pellegrino (Marketing)
  • Vice President – Soha Atallah (Exhibitions/Conferences)
  • Vice President – Nerida Kelton (Sustainability/Save food)
  • Vice President – Henky Wibawa (Education)
  • General Secretary – Dr Johannes Bergmair
  • Press and Communications Liaison Officer – Liliam Benzi

Global Ambassadors:

  • Kishan Singh
  • Chakravarthi AVPS
  • Hiroko Akieda

On behalf of all at the WPO, I wish you good health and safety. Take care and best wishes.

*Pierre Pienaar is President of WPO

[email protected]
WPO – World Packaging Organization
World Packaging Organization

Message from General Secretary

Next WPO Board Meeting and much more!

Dear members,

After a brief summer hiatus for relaxation, we are back in action at WPO with renewed energy to tackle all the exciting challenges and activities that lie ahead for the remainder of the year.

First and foremost, we aim to close out the year 2023 with a 100% membership dues payment rate. To achieve this, we are pulling out all the stops to reach out to our members and collaboratively devise a plan to ensure that these dues are settled. If you happen to be one of the members we've contacted, we earnestly request your cooperation in this endeavor.

Furthermore, we are in the process of developing a collaborative lecture with the FH Campus Wien University. In this initial phase, we have already reached out to some of the WPO members to join us. The idea behind this collaboration is to have the Packaging Technology and Sustainability students interview WPO members from different parts of the world. By interacting with WPO members who have experience in those regions, students can gain insights into the cultural, economic, and environmental factors that influence packaging decisions globally.

And, of course, in addition to all of the above, we are gearing up for the next Board Meeting, scheduled to take place from November 20th to 24th in Cape Town, South Africa. This event is being thoroughly organized by Bill Marshall and Vanessa von Holdt, representatives of the Institute of Packaging South Africa.

The event's agenda promises to be exceptional, featuring WPO members at the Gold Pack Awards 2023, as well as our traditional Working Groups and Board Meeting. Moreover, during the event, our esteemed current president, Pierre Pienaar, will pass on the presidency to our Senior Vice President of Marketing, Luciana Pellegrino, who will become the first woman to assume the presidency of the World Packaging Organisation.

The program is the following:

Monday 20 November

  • Press Briefing 10h00 - 12h00
  • Sundowner Drinks 17h30

Tuesday 21 November

  • Executive Meeting (Exec members only) 09h00 - 17h00
  • Gold Pack Awards 2023 18h30

Wednesday 22 November

  • Cape Town City Tour 08h00 - 13h00
  • Working Groups 14h00 - 17h00
  • The Oranjezicht City Farm Market 17h30 - 21h30

Thursday 23 November

  • WPO Board Meeting 09h00 - 17h00

Friday 24 November

  • Winelands Tour 08h00 - 17h30

We look forward to having all of you join us in South Africa. We understand that these are challenging times for everyone, so for those who cannot attend in person, we will be sharing Zoom links in the coming days to allow you to participate in the event online with us.

It promises to be a truly magnificent occasion. For now, these are the updates from the WPO secretariat. We always have our doors open, whether for your visits at our headquarters in Vienna or through our emails. Wishing you all a fantastic October and we look forward to seeing you at the latest in Cape Town!

Warmest regards,

Johannes Bergmair
WPO General Secretary
[email protected]

Nathália Antoniazzi
WPO Secretariat
[email protected]

From the Editor

Circular packaging: the chance to turn problems into opportunities

By Liliam Benzi*

During the discussion, Beatriz Luz (Exchange4Change Brasil), Fabio Sant’Ana (FAAP), Fabiana Quiroga (Braskem) and Gustavo Alvarez (América Tampas, Abiplast e Rede pela Circularidade do Plástico) (from left to right), concluded: Circular Economy does not solve problems, it prevents them by changing the system.

The Plastic Packaging Design Guide for a Circular Economy was conceived by the Rede pela Circularidade do Plástico (in Brazil) and launched during the Cazoolo Talks, in July. The document brings more than tips; it proposes an important reflection on the role of each link in the packaging and consumer production chain in turning the wheel of circularity.

Fact #1: individually we will do nothing.

Fact #2: it is in the circular economy that we will make a difference.

Fact #3: packaging performance in the use phase cannot be more important than post-use analysis. Therefore, packaging must be designed with the combination of the use phase and the potential for reuse and/or recycling in mind.

In the past, we used to think about packaging to meet the needs and desires of the consumer. This mindset has changed and today we need to think about packaging that meets circularity. For this reason, all the players involved must be on the same page and all the materials available must be considered and incorporated into a continuous process of reassessment and change. There is no end, not least because the process is circular.

The document is based on the Recyclability Index and the "conversation" with this index makes it clear that swapping one packaging material for another is not the solution. It is important to evaluate all the options, all the time, and correct the routes as often as necessary, always with the circular economy in mind.

After all, all materials are important, but no change will be worthwhile if there is no market for secondary materials and if it is not possible to increase the recycling rate. Increasing this rate doesn't necessarily mean talking about recycling; the important thing is to talk more about design.

The discussion at Cazoolo also made it clear that the ambitions of the new plastics economy run along a number of lines: creating efficient use of post-consumer plastics; disconnecting plastic production from fossil sources; and reducing the leakage of plastic waste into the environment. In this new context, three key areas emerge for packaging: redesign, reuse and recycling with direct improvements in the circular economy.

The figures accelerate this new thinking. From a more European perspective, but not far from the global reality, including Brazil's, today 50% of packaging can be recycled and 20% is reusable; that leaves 30% that doesn't allow for any action and that's where the bottleneck and the challenge lie.

If we used to think about impact and performance, today it is necessary to combine a systemic vision with recycled secondary materials and create packaging that is zero waste, through either recycling or reuse. In this new economy, suppliers are now creators of solutions and brands' competitive edge will increasingly lie in the value proposition they bring to the market and not in the price of the final product.

The problem is not the packaging material, but the packaging design with a focus on recycling and reuse. The circular economy has brought to the table a new business mindset, new processes and new roles for each link. Design can facilitate this journey, especially if it can accelerate the pace of use of recycled materials, which is still very slow.

When we talk about design, we are not just talking about the design of the packaging, but also the equipment and all the processes. For this reformulation to happen, it will be necessary to take a few steps back, since the process of using PCR (post-consumer recycled resin) is more complex.

The conclusion is that interconnectivity between everything and everyone will be increasingly present and the circular economy will dictate a new economic balance. A purchasing area guided by the cheapest option will leave the stage and all areas of the company will be integrated by circular thinking, where processes, roles and people make up the new plastics economy. The moment calls for the industry to rethink the production chain in order to promote new values, new attitudes and greater cooperation between everyone.

It is worth to remember that WPO has its own Global Packaging Design for Recycling Guide, translated into more than 20 languages and available for free download at


*Liliam Benzi is the Editor of WPO News, WPO Press & Communication Liaison Officer and runs its own Communication & Strategy company for the packaging industry, LDB Comunicação Empresarial ([email protected]).

[email protected]
(+ 55 11) 99989-1597
Liliam Benzi

Around the World

ABRE Brazilian Packaging Award 2023 awards the best of the best in Brazil

WPO member in Brazil, ABRE (, held on September 21 the ceremony of the ABRE Brazilian Packaging Award 2023, an event that celebrated the excellence and the innovation of the packaging industry in Brazil, recognizing the remarkable achievements of companies and professionals who constantly seek to improve their packaging.

The ABRE Award is in its 23rd edition and has awarded more than 2,000 packages during these years. This year, the award had 440 packages registered from all over Brazil, competing in 30 categories of the following modules: Graphic Design, Structural, Technology, Packaging and Market, Special and Students.

The ceremony was conducted by ABRE Executive Director and WPO Senior Vice President Marketing and President-elect, Luciana Pellegrino. According to her: “Another amazing fact about this edition is that in just over a month, 24,000 people participated in the Popular Vote, one of the categories of the Special Module, in which the packaging is evaluated by the consumers that can access an image and a description of the packaging.”

The ceremony also registered a record attendance of finalists, special guests, partners, associates, advisors, companies and professionals from the sector; more than 500 people joined the party at Casa Giardini, in São Paulo.

Among the many trophies, this year, the ABRE Award delivered a special one, the Grand Prix of Social Impact for a highly innovative project, where the packaging enabled an important solution for public health, contributing to the figth against the mosquito of dengue.

The winning packages can be checked on the website  and also in the Innovation Gallery of Brazilian Packaging. Winners are also eligible to WorldStar ( and to WorldStar Student (, both organized by WPO.

Happy 53rd Anniversary CAVENVASE!

On August 25, WPO member CAVENVASE (Venezuelan Packaging Association), celebrated its 53rd anniversary as an organization that works towards the interests of the packaging industry in Venezuela.

In this new year of work, CAVENVASE reaffirms its commitment to the Venezuelan packaging industry, to continue working on its defense and promotion, reporting on industry advances and training packaging specialists.

The celebration of 53 years was framed by a sharing with the affiliated companies, as well as the delivery of certificates from the first Boot Camp in Design, Development and Technology in Packaging, the first diploma in Venezuela on packaging engineering.

The cohort of 2023 is the first of its kind, with 28 graduates who were able to obtain practical and theoretical knowledge about the packaging industry, especially through packaging development projects for various scenarios and types of products.

For more information, contact Nohelia Barrios, Executive Director of CAVENVASE by e-mail [email protected]. who seeks, find!

WPO member, the Italian Packaging Institute ( presented, last June, a unique portal. The ‘’ ( is a new algorithm-based supplier search platform. It is not an e-commerce, but a search tool that allows the buyers to select the most suitable supplier for the company packaging needs.

The result of a year of design is a menu that allows to select the field in which the company work, the product to be packaged, the type of packaging and the preferred material. The search works through an algorithm, based on specific search criteria, such as geographical distance, size and history of the company. The buyer can set his own search by entering, among the preferential criteria, if the supplier must be a company with more than 50 years or a start-up, if it must be a small or a large company, for example. Other search criteria are the required quantity of pieces or the square footage, in the case of the flexible packaging.

The system releases up to five results based on the number of companies in the database, for the specific category required. The buyer will receive the sales contacts of each selected company and can decide, in advance, whether to contact them directly or be contacted. In this way the system guarantees the companies involved to be able to start a confidential commercial negotiation, respecting privacy.

The main advantages are: unique specialized platform; specific algorithm; targeted contacts; free membership; no commissions; and privacy. This project represents an additional service offered by the Italian Packaging Institute to the packaging sector. There is no charge for access for suppliers nor a fee for the buyer companies. The tool is covered by an international patent and is currently only in Italian, focused on the national market, as first step.

For more information, contact Alessandra Alessi, responsible for Communication at the Istituto Italiano Imballaggio by e-mail [email protected].

Conference of young packers in Ukraine

WPO member in Ukraine, the Club Packagers ( or, continues very active. In April, the association held the 21st scientific and practical conference “Newest packaging technologies” with the participation of postgraduate students, masters and students of various institutions that had the opportunity to demonstrate the results of their scientific research.

Veronika Khalaydzhi, Ph.D. and President of the Club Packagers opened the conference welcoming the participants and thanking Dow for supporting the event. She remembered the first edition of the Conference happened in 2000 and joined 366 young scientists and more than 1,500 participants.

Speakers at the 2023 edition presented interesting reports clearly answering numerous questions. At the end of the Conference, Ph.D. Valerii Kryvoshei, explained that all reports presented were already printed and suggested their publication in the “Packaging” magazine.

For more information, contact Veronika Khalaydzhi, President of Club Packagers Ukraine by e-mail [email protected] or [email protected].

Sri Lanka Institute of Packaging introduces the first ‘Diploma in Packaging Technology’

Sri Lanka Institute of Packaging (, a WPO member, in collaboration with the Sri Lanka Ministry of Industries, introduced the first ‘Diploma in Packaging Technology’ that aims to pave the way for the next generation of packaging professionals, empowering them with cutting-edge knowledge and skills to revolutionize the industry. The inaugural class was given by WPO Senior Vice President Marketing and President-elect, Luciana Pellegrino. Other classes were given by WPO President, Pierre Pienaar, and Vice President Sustainability & Save Food, Nerida Kelton.

According to the organizers, “Packaging is no longer just a means of protecting products; it plays a pivotal role in sustainability, brand recognition, and consumer engagement. Recognizing this the Sri Lanka Institute of Packaging has designed a comprehensive and industry-relevant Diploma in Packaging Technology that equips students with expertise to address modern packaging challenges.”

Luciana Pellegrino adds: “It was an honour to be part of such an important moment to the history of packaging industry in Sri Lanka and WPO is proud to support such holistic initiative. I was particularly proud of being invited for the inaugural class in a program that will be conducted by seasoned professionals and experts in the packaging field both locally and globally. Their industry experience and academic prowess will ensure that students receive top-notch education and guidance throughout their learning journey. The faculty members also foster a collaborative learning environment, encouraging students to think critically and creatively.”

The curriculum of the Diploma in Packaging Technology, which was developed by a resourceful team of experts, covers an array of subjects and topics, ranging from the packaging for global society and markets, packaging manufacturing and application process, principles of packaging design and materials science to logistics, marketing, and environmental impact assessments. Students gain a deep understanding of various packaging materials, their properties, and their suitability for different products. The program emphasizes the importance of sustainable packaging solutions, encouraging students to explore biodegradable, recyclable, and compostable alternatives.

“As the world embraces a more sustainable and technology-driven future, the role of packaging technology has become increasingly pivotal”, completes WPO President, Pierre Pienaar. “The Diploma in Packaging Technology equips participants with foresight and adaptability to stay at the forefront of industry trends and innovations, by fostering a deep appreciation for sustainable practices, the Sri Lanka Institute of Packaging with the support of the Ministry of Industries is moulding responsible packaging professionals who can shape a greener and more prosperous future.”

From the Board

WPO and AIPIA agree on a MoU to promote sustainable and smart packaging

From left to right: Andrew Manly, Communications Director at AIPIA and Pierre Pienaar, President of WPO.

WPO and AIPIA (The Active & Intelligent Packaging Organisation - have signed a Memorandum of Understanding to further their collaboration in sharing ideas on smart packaging and the science that underpins it. This will include WPO supporting AIPIA on the technology of material science, which is particularly important in active packaging. In turn AIPIA will support WPO’s agenda of encouraging sustainable and appropriate packaging innovation.

The two organisations have already been cooperating at various events, including ProPak and CPHi exhibitions in Asia, MENA and South Asia, and will endeavour to develop joint agendas wherever possible to further the creation of smart packaging solutions which meet the goals of the global industry and particular market needs.

According to WPO President, Pierre Pienaar, “Both organisations have been aware for some time that we share common goals and objectives and it is a logical next step to formalise these in a constructive and practical way. The two of us have a clear focus on our responsibility to the sector and the way packaging can be a solution, not a problem - as it is so often characterised today. Packaging for good is high on our agendas and we see this collaboration as a way to demonstrate these benefits in a very impactful way.”

Andrew Manly, Communications Director at AIPIA added, “WPO is the major global packaging organisation and has a strong profile in both the developed and developing world. It is a tremendous boost to the smart packaging sector to be able to join with WPO in promoting these technologies and helping to reinforce the Organisation’s agenda on sustainability, innovation and supply chain efficiency. We are particularly delighted to be able to tap into so many talented people, in particular Pierre’s tremendous knowledge of materials science.”

“This agreement adds strength and knowledge to both organisations. We look forward to working with AIPIA and ‘spreading the good word’ about packaging and its benefits across the globe. We also intend to develop joint agendas at each other’s conference wherever possible”, concludes WPO Senior Vice President Marketing and President-elect, Luciana Pellegrino. The MoU WPO AIPIA also aims to encourage the development of a Smart Packaging category in WorldStar Awards, the global packaging competition organized by WPO.

Foundation FSSC at WPO headquarters

Aldin Hilbrands, CEO and Chair of the Management Board of Foundation FSSC ( visited the headquarters of WPO in Vienna in September and was host by General Secretary, Johannes Bergmair, and Secretariat, Nathália Antoniazzi.
The main purpose of the visit was to study possibilities to establish future partnerships regarding food safety, packaging and related issues. Another important point discussed was the training of food safety auditors.
Foundation FSSC is a global non-profit and independent institution that aims to provide trust and deliver impact to the consumer goods industry. They support the industry in implementing food and social management systems that align with the ISO management system and harmonized structure approach. This approach enables organizations to achieve their business objectives and facilitates meeting the Sustainable Development Goals.

WPO ‘The Forum’ during PACK EXPO Las Vegas

“First you have to understand what is cold chain”. With this sentence, WPO President, Pierre Pienaar, began his presentation in The Forum during PACK EXPO Las Vegas, organized by PMMI (Sept 11-13). Pierre ‘s presentation, “Applied Packaging in the Cold Supply Chain”, also covered the difference between food loss and food waste and the importance of choosing the correct material and design for the packaging.

WPO Vice President Events and WorldStar Coordinator, Soha Atallah, also spoke at The Forum. Her presentation “Latest Global Packaging Trends” covered how politics, economics, technology, social medias, post COVID, social behavior, environment and legal frames have influence on packaging trends and developments.

WPO at PACK EXPO Las Vegas 2023

WPO was part of the Association Partner Program organized by PMMI (The Association for Packaging and Processing Technologies – during PACK EXPO Las Vegas 2023 – Sept 11-13 ( The Organisation was represented at the show by the President, Pierre Pienaar; Vice President Events and WorldStar Coordinator, Soha Atallah; and Press & Communication Liaison Officer, Liliam Benzi.

WPO members from different parts of the world – Argentina, Canada, Korea, Mexico and Turkey - had the chance to visit WPO booth and interact with the Executive team.

WPO President, Pierre Pienaar, also participated in the official Media Lunch organized by PMMI, in the first day of the show. He shared the stage with Jorge Izquierdo, Vice President Market Development of PMMI that presented “A deep dive into the findings of the 2023 State of the Industry Report” and with Jim Pittas, President and CEO of PMMI that talked about PACK EXPO portfolio of trade shows. Pierre gave an overview of global packaging trends and challenges.


Some WorldStar winners at PACK EXPO Las Vegas 2023

About 20 winners of WorldStar Awards, the global packaging competition organized WPO, were presented at the Showcase of Packaging Innovation, sponsored by WestRock Company at PACK EXPO Las Vegas, organized by PMMI (Sept 11-13). The area also highlighted some innovative packaging awarded in packaging competitions around the world.

To know all the WorldStar Awards 2023 winners visit And don´t forget to incentive your members to register to WorldStar Awards 2024 edition. Entries are open until October 15.

For more information, contact WorldStar Awards Coordinator, Soha Atallah by e-mail [email protected].

Worldstar Student

It’s time to encourage and showcase the talents of your students in packaging design and excellence!

The WPO WorldStar Student Awards programme provides students an impactful opportunity to gain recognition and professional acknowledgement across the global packaging industry. And entries fro the 2024 edition close on 1 November 2023.

This competition is designed to encourage and showcase the talents of students as well as new and innovative ideas and thinking in the field of packaging. It provides a positive opportunity for student winners to gain recognition and professional acknowledgement across the global packaging industry.

The main requirements for entry into WorldStar Student are that the student is enrolled at an undergraduate or graduate level, in a field related to packaging or design and that the student has already won an award for their submission at a national/multi-national competition for students, which is recognised by that country/region’s WPO member National Packaging Body or by the WPO.

This year, a new market category was introduced in the competition and now they are: Food, Beverage, Household, and Health & Personal Care. In addition to these categories, there are three ‘Special Awards’ - Marketing Appeal, Sustainability and Packaging that Saves Food.

All the winners and finalists will be recognised through WPO’s global communication platforms and publicity. For more information contact the worldstar Student Coordinator, Bill Marshall [email protected] or visit

Special Article

Link the world, shape the future

By Kishan Singh*

Embracing the new era of smart packaging, the World Corrugated Forum, themed "Intelligent Connection, Future", was organized by Reed Exhibitions, on July, at the Wyndham Shanghai Hongqiao Hotel. The event served as a melting pot of industry elites, including associations, experts, packaging factories, equipment suppliers, and material providers, who gathered to shape the future of corrugated packaging in the post-pandemic world. Upon the invitation by Reed Exhibition, I had the honour to moderate the global plenary session of international speakers.

The highly anticipated World Corrugated Forum was an exceptional event that brought together industry leaders, innovators, and experts from around the globe. Reed Exhibitions, renowned for its expertise in organizing high-quality events, was the driving force behind this gathering.

The forum served as a platform for sharing industry dynamics and cutting-edge trends across various regions. With representatives from prominent associations worldwide participating, attendees gained invaluable insights into market developments and emerging opportunities.

Key Highlights of the World Corrugated Forum

  1. Mastering Industry Trends: Over 11 global authoritative experts in the corrugated packaging industry presented comprehensive insights into the sector's ongoing transformations and global trends. Attendees were informed about the latest breakthroughs, innovations, and emerging best practices that would shape the future of intelligent packaging.
  2. Establishing Industry Connections: The event witnessed the presence of over 500 industry elites, including association members, media representatives, experts, packaging factories, equipment suppliers, and material providers. This networking extravaganza fostered collaboration, partnerships, and mutual growth within the corrugated industry.
  3. Global Reach: The forum drew the participation of 300+ corrugated packaging companies, end-users, industry experts, and equipment suppliers from 25 countries across 6 continents. This diverse representation lent a global perspective to discussions, showcasing the industry's resilience and adaptability.
  4. International Media Coverage: The World Corrugated Forum captured the attention of 50+ international media outlets, ensuring full coverage of the event. This extensive media presence amplified the forum's reach, making it an influential event on the global stage.

As much as possible, WPO will continue to support such international events that bring the latest technologies to the world. The World Corrugated Forum stands as a beacon of hope and opportunity for the printing and packaging industry. With advanced technologies paving the way for intelligent packaging solutions, the future of the industry looked brighter than ever before. By fostering communication, collaboration, and knowledge-sharing, this event played a pivotal role in shaping the trajectory of the corrugated industry in the post-pandemic era.

*Kishan Singh is WPO Global Ambassador. For more information, contact him by e-mail [email protected].

Special Article

Pressure sensitive tapes & labels market overview 2023 – 2032

The Pressure Sensitive Tapes & Labels Market study focuses major leading industry players with information such as company profiles, product picture and specification, capacity, production, price, cost, revenue and contact information. It provides information on trends and developments, and focuses on markets and materials, capacities and technologies, and on the changing structure.

Global Pressure Sensitive Tapes & Labels market is slated to expand exponentially through 2032, owing to the increasing product demand from the manufacturing sector.

However, surging awareness about environmental issues associated with pressure-sensitive adhesives is likely to hinder market growth. To address this challenge, leading market players are heavily investing in R&D initiatives to bring more innovations in the industry.

Meanwhile, increasing strategic initiatives, such as mergers and acquisitions, among key industry participants would also outline the market outlook.

For instance, in February 2022, Mactac, a LINTEC Enterprise, announced the takeover of Spinnaker Coating, LLC for $130 million in specialty revenue at the cost of $40 million. As part of the agreement, Spinnaker would operate as a separate division of Mactac.

Through Spinnaker, LINTEC, and Duramark Products, Mactac provides customers with unrivaled technology, service, capability, and value. These consolidated pressure-sensitive adhesive technologies provide the required support and capacity to the North America market.

The global pressure-sensitive tapes and labels market has been divided in terms of adhesion, backing material, product, end-user, product by end-user, and region.

Based on backing material, the polypropylene segment is poised to grow at over 6.5% CAGR from 2023 to 2032. Polypropylene is a stiff, petroleum-derived carbon material that is widely used for making shrink wrap and tight labels of rigid retail containers. Extensive material usage in the retail industry for various packaging and labelling applications is likely to drive the segment share.

Pressure sensitive tapes & labels market from food & beverage segment is projected to record strong growth, fuelled by the increasing demand for packaged foods. Custom adhesive labels and tapes are used in the sector to ensure food safety by helping the packaging hold up to stressful conditions found during transportation and handling.

From the regional outlook, the Asia Pacific pressure-sensitive tapes and labels market is expected to grow at 7% CAGR from 2023 to 2032. Strong demand from the region's emerging packaging industry is expected to bolster revenues for the market.

Meanwhile increasing product demand from industries such as food and beverages, automobile, and industrial manufacturing operations would also outline regional market share. The APAC is home to some of the world's biggest manufacturing hubs, with counties such as India and China accounting for the lion's share due to their low labor costs. In fact, China's manufacturing sector contributes to roughly 30% of the country's economic output.

The competitive landscape of pressure sensitive tapes and labels industry is populated with major companies such as 3M Company, Avery Dennison Corporation, Berry Global Inc., Scapa Group Plc., Dewal Industries, LLC, American Biltrite Inc., LINTEC Corporation, Gaska Tapes Inc., CCL Industries, Mactac Americas, LLC., Coveris, Constantia Flexibles, Fuji Seal International, Inc., Inland, and UPM-Kymmene Oyj.



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